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What a wonderful day we had today in our Sign & Sing class! I have to confess that I was walking about 3 feet off the ground when class was over; I had so much fun!

Sydney came in with her mom, Jill, and I could see by the sparkle in her eyes that she was ready for some serious fun!  Last week, the attraction was Honey Bear and bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.  Well, this week, it was *BALL* and bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!  <smile>  I saw MORE several times as well as THANK YOU.  And when I turned on the iPod with "All Around the Kitchen", Sydney was right there, dancing and enjoying the music.  She also really enjoyed playing the eggshakers on her belly!  And according to Jill, Sydney was signing like crazy all last week!  Hurray!

    Elijah brought his two sisters, Shawna and Natalie, with him as well as his mom, Lisa, and brother, Matthew.  Last week, Elijah was very, very quiet and pretty much into his own thing.  Elijah has Downs Syndrome and this was a totally new situation for him, new folks, new classroom, etc.  He was content to just watch what was going on from his mother's lap and didn't really get involved in anything until the others were gone.  Then he was content to lay in the floor and play with his older brother, Matthew, enjoying the Bear-in-the-Box from the floor.

This week, however, was a totally different story.  Elijah loved the ball pit.  In fact, he loved it sooooo much that he was sitting in there, unassisted, surrounded by balls, cackling out loud and giggling over and over again.  You couldn't help but smile and laugh along with him.  When we sang "A Ram Sam Sam" using our egg shakers, he was shaking and smiling right along with us.  When I asked him if he wanted MORE MUSIC (capitalized words are signed words, for the uninformed), Elijah was quick to bounce forward and back, indicating YES!  So, we sang it again and again and again.  I didn't see him lay down on the floor one time! 

 I don't think there is any sweeter sound in the world than the sound of laughter from a happy child.  I really don't.  And today's class was enjoyed by everyone there, moms and children.  And it just confirms to me that I absolutely adore being a Kindermusik educator.  It is the very best job in the world, next to being a mom!

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