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I just saw this video from another Kindermusik educator and, if you have experienced the frustrations of trying to figure out what your crying baby wants, you’ll have chills down your spine as I did when you watch and listen to this 12-month-old baby communicate a complete sentence instead of crying.


Kindermusik educator Tracy Kretzer is quoted on Youtube, saying:

“Signing Smart TM 12-month old signs CRY instead of crying! Signs are capitalized. Baby signs/says, “AUDREY (A fist on her chin), CRYING; (feels) YUCKY, (wants) Ma MILK MAMA!” Rather than cry, she tells me she feels like crying!! Two word sentences are typical between 18-24 months, but this is a 5 word sentence! Thank you SIGNING SMART and Kindermusik Sign & Sing for the ASL STRATEGIES!! I can truly have a conversation with my baby!

Our newest Sign & Sing session begins tonight,  March 19th, at 6:30PM. 

We meet at Columbia Presbyterian Church on Columbia Drive in Decatur.  For maps and directions, please visit our Maps page.

Come see how fun and easy it is to communicate with your baby!

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