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Many thanks for the calls and emails encouraging me to rest.  I’ve really had a time this week, feeling lousy and missing all of my Kindermusik classes! 

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I wanted to share something, or, rather, someone new with you.  I am often asked about other music for children that parents can enjoy as well that isn’t so exclusively *kiddie* oriented.  My usual suggestion is Elizabeth Mitchell

 You Are My Sunshine - Elizabeth Mitchell          You Are My My Flower - Elizabeth Mitchell

You Are My Little Bird - Elizabeth Mitchell

I own all four of her CD’s, and, oftentimes, I have a mix of her music playing in the background when families are arriving for class.  You can hear her music at her website linked above, and you can purchase individual songs for 99 cents each at iTunes.com.  Hard copies of her CD’s are available from her website via CDBaby.com or the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

Today I’ve been introduced to a new artist, Suzi Shelton, in the children’s music field by a fellow Kindermusik educator, and I’d like to share a little of her music as well.  I think both children and parents will enjoy her!  Turn up your sound, grab a child for your lap, and have fun together!


Suzi’s CD: “Simply Suzi” is also available at iTunes.  She has other CD’s as well as a live concert DVD available on her website.

Thanks, Christa!


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