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Green Monster 

This Halloween song is a favorite of many, including myself, but, today, this one is especially for you, Molly! 😀

Music Trivia Time:

Bobby Pickett

Recorded originally in 1962 by Bobby Pickett, an amateur musician, it literally “paid the rent for 36 years with this one song.” (as told to the Memphis Commercial Appeal)

Pickett passed away in April of this year.  He wrote a fun song that everybody loved, and managed to turn continous sales of it into a slow, steady lifelong income. No, Pickett never got rich like Paul McCartney or famous like Kurt Cobain, but he said that the song liberated him from ever having to work again. It was also covered by countless other bands, including punk rockers Bad Manners and The Misfits. (quoted from Wired.com, by Annalee Newitz)



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