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As a Kindermusik educator, I am blessed to come in contact with some extremely talented, creative people at Kindermusik International.  One of my favorites there is Molly McGinn, senior writer for Kindermusik International.   I always like to check her blog for insightful posts, and today was no exception.  I am copying her post here for your benefit.  Thanks, Molly!

Music is the Language of Learning – by Molly McGinn

F is for Flute and Fido

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For the last five years, I’ve been looking for the words to describe why music is such an important presence in a child’s early development.There’s the brain research, yes. Compelling, and interesting, however it’s really gross to talk about a child’s mind in terms of neural networks and neuron firing.

There’s the scientific proof, yes. Studies previously performed on Kindermusik students show positive growth in intellectual and self-control behaviors. Still, some educators and experts can’t be swayed by even the most convincing studies. I think it’s just the way some people are wired.

For me, though, I finally yawped out a Eureka when I realized what preschool teachers have known all along.

Music is inherent to the methods used in early learning. Repetition, rhyme, exposure to patterns, and a variety of sounds are defining qualities of both music and early learning. That’s likely why music and language share the same pathways in the brain.

And if you’ve ever visited a kindergarten or preschool classroom in full swing, you will also notice that many early childhood teachers do use a lot of music or musical speech in their teaching methods, almost unconsciously.  I know, because I’ve done it myself in my kindergarten classes that I taught in years past.  Thanks again, Molly, for sharing your insights with us! 😀


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This Saturday we begin our new Kindermusik semester.  For those of you who are new to our program, here’s a little primer to let you know where we are located and how to find our classroom. 

For the past 18 months, Masterworks Studio has held Kindermusik classes at Columbia Presbyterian Church on  Columbia Drive in Decatur.  I love the old church and its grounds with all of its beautiful foliage and gardens, but we developed a problem there this fall – not enough space in our classroom! Because of the Waldorf School of Atlanta’s need for all the classroom space available there at Columbia Presbyterian, we had to look elsewhere for a larger room.  

Avondale First Baptist Church, Avondale Estates, Georgia

I am very pleased to announce that we found a perfect spot at Avondale First Baptist Church, located at 47 Covington Road in Avondale Estates, just 2 miles east of Columbia Presbyterian.  The folks at AFBC are thrilled to welcome our classes there, and, in fact, have also just begun a Mother’s Morning Out program for the community.  In the picture above, you can see our classroom building (Building C) immediately behind the sanctuary on the lefthand side.

We have ample, FREE parking in the lot directly across Stratford Road beside the church, which you can see in the picture above.  Once you park in the lot, you simply cross the street (which is very easy, and not heavily traveled during class hours) and come up the steps to Building C. 

Stairs to the C Building at Avondale First Baptist Church

The first white door on the left at the top of the stairs is the church office.  Just past the office door is a set of double white doors with my purple Kindermusik sign standing just outside.  There is a sign hanging just over these doors which says:

 Sign outside our double white doors

 Go in the double white doors, and then come up one full flight of stairs.  This is actually a  flight of stairs followed by a very short flight (approximately 3-4 steps).   At the top of this series of  stairs, you will enter a door and turn left.  There you will find the door to our new, large classroom on the second floor which overlooks the parking lot and is the full width of the building. 

 Our Kindermusik Classroom in the Solid Rock Room at Avondale First Baptist Church, Avondale Estates, Georgia

We have plenty of room to continue to grow, and, in the months to come, I will also be able to teach piano and flute private lessons there as well.  Avondale First Baptist Church is in the process of establishing the Avondale Academy of the Arts, projected to open in the fall of 2008.  I will be blessed to be a part of the faculty there.

This location is very easy to reach, located just inside the perimeter highway, I-285, at Exit 41, the Memorial Drive/Avondale Estates exit which is also known as Cynthia McKinney Parkway exit.  For detailed directions and a Google Map, please visit our website here. 



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