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Last weekend, I had the inexpressible joy of watching my oldest child, my son, Matthew, join in marriage with a beautiful, glowing young woman named Kati Lestmann who wasted no time in changing her name to Kati Williams on her Facebook page shortly after they left the church.  (The miracle of twitter and Blackberrys!) 😀

Even though I was only the “MOTG,” or Mother of the Groom, I found myself totally exhausted by Sunday and didn’t crawl out of bed until 12:35 PM!  Thank you all so much for your notes and emails of congratulations.  This has really been a wonderful time of celebration in our journey as parents. 

One word of caution to all of you parents with young children – be careful not to blink while watching your little ones.  The days may seem long, but the years will fly  by!  It doesn’t really seem that long ago that I was watching Matthew turn loose of the sofa and taking his first steps across our den at 11 months of age. 🙂

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