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In July of 2005, I was privileged to attend the national convention of the Kindermusik Educators Association that I had joined only that spring.  I was licensed as a Kindermusik educator in November, 2004, although I have taught music to children for over 35 years now.  As I drove to Nashville, Tennessee for the convention, I had no idea of the wonderful programs and sessions that were in store for me. 

The very first night of the convention I found myself sitting in the second row of the convention ballroom, watching with amazement, as David Holt, storyteller extraordinaire, sang for us and played a paper bag, an aspirin bottle (or was it Advil?) and a harmonica, one after another while strumming his banjo as well from time to time.  Until that time I had not had the good fortune to even know who David Holt *is* – much less what he did. 

To say the least, I enjoyed myself so much that night that I bought one of every David Holt CD that was available for purchase there and have listened to them over and over again over the past three years.  Kindermusik International also uses his work from time to time throughout our curricula.  (No surprise why he was at the KEA convention, is there?!) 

This afternoon I was *very* pleased to receive an email from him, announcing that not only were there David Holt videos available on Youtube, but also some of David with his mentor and singing partner, Doc Watson.   So, turn up your speakers and enjoy this video of David Holt and Doc Watson performing “Shady Grove” – found in this past year’s Village curriculum – as Doc recounts his story of wooing and courting his wife of 62 years.  Enjoy! 😀


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