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Today’s glorious weather is balm to this blogger’s spirit.  A good Kindermusik colleague, Christa Sigman, shared this with me, and I wanted to pass it along.  Enjoy!

Thanks, Christa!

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While you may or may not agree with Barack Obama’s politics, there is no denying that today is the dawn of a new day in the history of the United States of America.  As a child of the 50’s and 60’s, I grew up here in Atlanta, seeing racial discrimination as an accepted, though not acceptable, way of life.   If it had not been for my father who worked daily alongside men of all colors in the streets of Atlanta for the Atlanta Gas Light Company, I think I would not be the person I am today.

In listening to this song, given as a free download from Oprah.com through today until 5PM EST, and viewing the video available on her website, I find myself hopeful – hopeful that we, as Americans, can put the polarizing election behind us and come together as “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”   Enjoy!

America’s Song

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Last year, after hearing about a really neat Halloween song set to the classical work, Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens, I did some research (letting my fingers do the walking) and found an online audio clip with scratches, et al, from a recording made in 1969.  I never anticipated the number of hits I’d receive *this* year from that same post. 

Recently, in the comments section for that post, I’ve had numerous requests for the lyrics to the hands-down Halloween favorite, ‘”H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween’, so, by popular request,  included with the audio clip, here they are!

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween,

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween!

Halloween means ghosts & goblins,

Skeletons, monsters, & howling cats,

Spooky masks & jack-o-lanterns,

Witches & devils & big, black bats!

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween,

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween!

Halloween means ringing doorbells,

Scaring the people who open the door.

“Trick or treat” gets you candy and apples,

Then go to the next house and get some more.

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween,

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween! 

I’ve also had several readers asking if this song is still available for purchase or download.  To the best of my knowledge, it is not available for purchase on CD or through recognizable online music sources.  The original source that I downloaded it from last year took down the link.  I imagine that the bandwidth it took for downloads was considerable and costly to that blogger. 

However, it is still available through these two sources – Dave’s World 56 which gives you the option of purchasing a Halloween CD from him, or by downloading it directly yourself as a Zip file through Megaupload.com, which is what I did last week. 

The Halloween zip file (35.9MB) also includes, besides the favorite “Halloween“, nine other tracks: The Pumpkin Tells, A Weird Happening, The Strange Three, Guess What I Am, The Halloween Dance, She’s Stuck on a Broomstick, Little Orphan Annie, Witch’s Stew, and Pass The Witch’s Broomstick.  I plan on sharing some of these ahead in the coming weeks.  You do not need an account with Megaupload to download it, but I will confess that it was an extremely confusing process for me. 

Laughing Halloween Jack-o-lantern

I also received an email this week from my friend and fellow Kindermusik educator, Daneille Grimes of Norcross, with this little Halloween ditty from her childhood – sung to the theme from “In The Hall of the Mountain King” from the Peer Gynt Suite  by Grieg:

On October thirty one, when the sun goes to rest.

It’s the night of Halloween when fun is at its best,

Black cats, ghosts, and princess fair,

Holding hands everywhere,

It’s the night of Halloween –

There’s magic in the air!

Witch’s shadow on the moon,

Casting spells, flying her broom,

It’s the night of Halloween –

Quick! Change to your costume!

For all you musicians out there, here’s the musical notation:


And for your listening pleasure, here’s an audio clip of the orchestral classic that provided the melody:


Enjoy! 🙂

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Just this weekend, I had a serendipitous find at my local public library, the Salem-Panola branch of the DeKalb County Public Library system, as I checked out books for next Wednesday’s musical storytime that I’m doing there. 

As I waited to check out, I glanced over and spied a carousel filled with DVD’s available for viewing.  One in particular caught my eye – Miss Potter, starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.  I have often enjoyed films by both actors and reached for this film, having never seen it before.   I did not realize that it is, in fact, a historical dramatization of the life of Beatrix Potter, author and creator of so many beloved children’s books, beginning with “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”  I learned a great deal about Beatrix Potter that I never knew before.  She was, quite obviously, a contemporary woman well ahead of her time. 

While I greatly enjoyed the movie, it prompted me to do some searching online for an audio story to share with my readers, and I’m pleased to say that I found what I was looking for.  For your listening pleasure, here is the Tale of Peter Rabbit.  Enjoy!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

For additional audio stories as well as online games for children, please visit LightUpYourBrain.com, online site for brain-teaser games and audio stories for children. 

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Ever wondered if you could play the cello? 


Well, here’s your chance.  Click the cello pictured above and take this opportunity to play as soloist with the Berlin Philharmoniker Orchestra.  Those of you with video-game or mousing skills might actually have the upper hand in this contest, but I think a good ear helps tremendously too!

Btw, I earned 3809 points and a “bravo, bellisimo”! 😀

Be sure and enter your score below in the comments section!

Tip of the hat goes to Aimee Carter for sharing this!

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I love this song!  For your listening pleasure, here’s Boogie Woogie Santa Claus.  Enjoy! 🙂


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Green Monster 

This Halloween song is a favorite of many, including myself, but, today, this one is especially for you, Molly! 😀

Music Trivia Time:

Bobby Pickett

Recorded originally in 1962 by Bobby Pickett, an amateur musician, it literally “paid the rent for 36 years with this one song.” (as told to the Memphis Commercial Appeal)

Pickett passed away in April of this year.  He wrote a fun song that everybody loved, and managed to turn continous sales of it into a slow, steady lifelong income. No, Pickett never got rich like Paul McCartney or famous like Kurt Cobain, but he said that the song liberated him from ever having to work again. It was also covered by countless other bands, including punk rockers Bad Manners and The Misfits. (quoted from Wired.com, by Annalee Newitz)


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 Album Cover for “Halloween”

For your listening pleasure, enjoy this blast from the past (1969):   😀

2008 UPDATE: Complete lyrics are now available at this location on my blog:

I have also located another source to download the complete album that this song came from, and you will find it on that page as well.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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