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After viewing the women’s gymnastics portion of the Olympics Games (my favorite of them all), I have developed a grudging respect for the Chinese gymnastics even while totally disbelieving the supposed totally reliable documentation of their ages.  (I’m the mother of three girls.  I know the timetable of when little girls’ bodies develop, and these girls are just that – girls – and definitely not 16-year-olds, despite what the powers-that-be may claim. And, yes, I do know what over-exercising can do to the female cycle.)

So, while I have watched the gymnastics competition with interest, it has not been with the fascination that I find watching this video of the Chinese State Circus.  I thought, at first, it was a newly choreographed version of Swan Lake, only to realize with a jolt, that it is a combination of ballet and gymnastics that I’ve never seen before.  An arabesque atop the male lead’s arm – no, his shoulder – no, his hand – no!  His head!

Enjoy! 😀

h/t to Tabby and Jeanne

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