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I knew that I wanted to post something for Mother’s Day, but I hadn’t yet decided quite what to do when I received a lovely email from my friend, Patti, who also teaches the preschool choir for me at our church.  I thought it was so cute that I wanted to share. 

I’m always careful to try and find authors and sources in order to correctly attribute what I post, but Patti didn’t know where it came from, other than a “Fwd” from another friend.  This was one of those ubiquitous “Fwd” we all find in our inboxes and spam folders, and most frequently just delete. 

I still wanted to share it here.  I don’t know who the author/creator is, but I did note a reference on one panel to 123greetings.com.  I’ve searched their files, but this must be something from a previous year.  In any case, I want to share this with all moms everywhere, whether by blood, marriage, adoption, or just plain friend.  Happy Mother’s Day to you all!  🙂


















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