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In surfing the internet tonight, I have found a veritable treasure trove of goodies to share with my Kindermusik families.  I won’t unload all of them in one post because they’re just too good to cram them into one listing.  Here’s the first treasure I found!

BookPALS Storyline Online

BookPALS Storyline Online – funded by a grant to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) by Idearc Media – is a fabulous site for child and parent both to enjoy.   It is an innovative site featuring well-known actors reading some of the best children’s books aloud with enjoyable music and terrific sound effects added.   I found myself sitting here, enjoying Melissa Gilbert of “Little House on the Prairie” fame reading My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, by one of my favorite authors, Patricia Polacco. 

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco

I also enjoyed Bonnie Bartlett and William Daniels, two of my very favorite actors, reading Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault, the story of a young Native American boy and his grandfather recalling the night of the boy’s birth.  William Daniels is a magnificent grandfather (I love his distinctive voice!), and Bonnie Bartlett easily bridges the gender gap of the young boy’s voice.

Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault 

Who better to read a child’s book and bring it to life than these two talented actors?

 BookPALS is a program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  It was founded in 1993 by Barbara Bain, star of 60’s television show “Mission Impossible” and wife of actor Martin Landau. It is founded on a very clear premise that “children should be exposed to the magic of books to develop a love of reading.”   It has 12 chapters throughout the nation, with more than 2,000 volunteers who serve more than 100,000 children each week by reading aloud at public schools, hospitals, on the phone, online, and other cultural venues.

Give your child and yourself a treat by sitting down together at your computer, turning up your sound, and then face the difficult decision of which book to listen to first! 😀

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An Alligator Under My Bed has long been a favorite book of mine, dating back to the days I read to my own children.  I’m not really sure which child I used it for specifically, but one of them had night terrors and this was a useful book to share at that time.  Mercer Mayer is the author and he is also the reader for this video. 

So, get the kids in your lap, turn up the sound, and enjoy the next five minutes together.  You’re in for a real treat!  I guarantee you’ll be giggling before it’s through!  Enjoy! 😀


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This September, beginning September 8th, Masterworks Studio will offer a full range of Kindermusik classes for all age groups.  Village, Our Time, Imagine That, Young Child, and Family Time classes are all on the schedule.  We have morning classes, late afternoon, and evening classes as well as Saturday morning classes for those who can’t make it during the work week. 

Village: Newborn – 18 months


The musical poems of Woody Guthrie, bird songs, and the naturally occurring sounds in nature help babies develop an early appreciation – and accelerated aptitude – for language, movement, and music in this unit.  Feathers introduces Baby and Parent/Caregiver to a delightful range of songs, movement activities, object play, and vocal play relating to our feathered friends.  The Australian Kookaburra, the African Ostrich, and many more birds from across the world are featured in songs, dances, and poems.  Both jazz and classical selections, a Yiddish folk song, a Muskogean melody, and Mother Goose rhymes set to music are just a few of the colorful and exciting pieces introduced in this curriculum.

Village-Feathers AHmats Bird_Shaker_S

Your At Home Materials include over 25 specially-selected recordings from class, Little Bird Shaker instrument, and Art Banner for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.

Pick up your baby and dance. Do the Charleston, the Tango, and the Cha-Cha and learn why dancing with your baby helps her develop vital learning skills  -from head to toe. In this unit, play over 25 unique instruments and home-made activities.    Do-Si-Do stimulates a wonderfully unique experience of rhythm and movement for Baby and Parent/Caregiver.   Other activities range from chime ball play to instrument exploration and more.  Music selections draw from many traditions, including African American, Mexican, Romantic, Scottish, South African, and Southeast Asian.

Village-Do-Si-Do AHmats Yellow_Clacker_S

Your At Home Materials include over 25 specially-selected recordings from class, a Yellow Do-Si-Do Clacker, and Art Banner for the nursery wall that strengthens vision and promotes early literacy.

To register for Village classes, please visit our Class Schedule.


Our Time: 18 months – 3.5 years

Wiggles and Giggles
The more than 30 songs, 15 dances, and eight different instruments create these unique music activities, designed to reflect the importance of movement in the life of a toddler.   Wiggles & Giggles is all about movement (wiggles!) and fun, funny words and sounds, and emotion (giggles!). There is a strong connection in this semester to the Our Time theme of bound away and back. The songs are about humor, laughter, silly sounds and words, and movement. The child is going back and forth between being independent and wanting mommy and daddy. Everyday activities like bath time are highlighted in the delightful book ‘Pete and PJ’ from the Kindermusik library.  Included as part of the ‘giggle’, the instrument focus is on silly sounds, like the Zig-Zag blocks included in the home materials.

OT Wiggles & Giggles

The double-CD set in your At Home Materials features 50 songs, sounds, and recordings of favorite activities from class, plus two story books to develop early literacy skills. Also included is a specially-made zig-zag block instrument to develop rhythm and hand-eye coordination.

To register for Our Time classes, please visit our Class Schedule.


Imagine That!  3.5 – 4 years

See What I Saw
In this 15-week semester, your preschooler uses his real experience playing in the park to create imaginative, story-telling scenarios with music. Each week provides your preschooler one uninterrupted session of imaginative play that’s guided in a very specific, sequential way – with a special Family Sharing Time with you in the last 15 minutes of class.

Books, storytelling, language, drama, puppets – these are all essential ingredients to the Imagine That! curriculum.  Each acts as a dramatic catalyst for integrating thematic songs, activities, events, and feelings.  In See What I Saw, you will enjoy the many wonders of a trip to Grasshopper Park. The music represents a variety of different cultures with songs from Ghana, Latin America, Greece, and France.  You will find some favorites including “Ha Ha This-a-Way,” “Jim Along Josie,” and “Mr. Sun,” “A Tisket, A Tasket,” “Shoo-Fly,” and “Allee Galloo.”  There are also many new, original compositions like the chant “Everything is Just Fine.”


The At Home materials then invite the children to continue the fun and learning at home through the use of a Kindermusik slide whistle instrument, CD, Family Activity Book, “Grasshopper Park” game board, and Imagine That! backpack.

To register for Imagine That! classes, please visit our Class Schedule.


Kindermusik for the Young Child: 5 – 7 years

Considered the “creme de la creme” of the seven year Kindermusik program,   Semester 1 of Kindermusik for the Young Child opens the world to new and different ways of learning about music.  The focus and content includes beat versus no beat, percussion instruments, brass instruments, melodic direction, exploring the staff, and notation.  Semester 1 also introduces the glockenspiel, a pre-keyboard instrument. Some of the favorite themes are “Music is Everywhere,” “Meet the Mallets,” and “Discovering Melody and Mozart.” 

Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3, and 4 begins with this early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm.  Through dances and games that focus on rhythmic development, we’ll learn a keyboard instrument – the glockenspiel – which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes.  Your At Home materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you’ll hear about from class, so your child – and you! – can learn where you’re most comfortable: at home.


The set of At Home materials includes: Children’s Folder, Games Bag, Family Songbook, Home CD, Carry Bag, and a Glockenspiel with mallets.

To register for Young Child classes, please visit our Class Schedule.


Family Time: Newborn – 7 years

Movin’ & Groovin’ is a romping, rolling, stretching good time for the whole family. This unit of Family Time will explore lots of different ways to move – high and low, fast and slow, zigzag, curvy, and more. Family members will chug around the classroom like trains, clip-clop like horses, and roll over like puppy dogs. They’ll hear a story about playing tag together in Can You Catch Me?, and read about a jungle hokey-pokey in Put Your Left Paw In.  Show your best groovin’ moves – it’s time for Movin’ & Groovin’.


Families will receive:

  • Sing, Play & Grow! A family guide to musical fun – a book full of activities and information about child development, as well as fun facts about the songs enjoyed in class.
  • Jellybean band puppets: Introducing Rascal the monkey! (hand puppet and finger puppet).
  • 2 monkey den-den drums.
  • 2 Jellybean Band books with activity pages, comic strips about the band, and stories. This unit’s stories are Can You Catch Me? and Put Your Left Paw In.

To register for Family Time classes, please visit our Class Schedule.


ABC Music & Me

This fall, Masterworks Studio will again provide ABC Music & Me at the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia for the Ladies Ministry groups meeting on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

2-4 year olds

Out & About

All the wonder of being outdoors in summer is set to music with imaginary bike rides, walks on the beach, star-gazing, and hiking in the mountains. In the great outdoors of their imaginations, children will pedal make-believe bikes and take turns on swings. With focused listening activities that feature the sounds of summer, you?ll love hearing parents share their musical summer stories with their children when they dig together in the sand and fly like seagulls with activities in the Home Activity Guide and Home CDs, including the beach counting game “Five Little Seagulls,” “Charlie Over the Ocean,” and the soothing, star-gazing sound of “Oh Watch the Stars.”


Take Home Materials: 15-page Family Activity Guide features songs, games, and activities from class and music CD.



All the fun and joys of taking a bath come together in Splash!  Your child will pretend to hike, picnic, and explore outdoors, and then he will slow down, listening to soothing music and practice relaxing both mind and body, paving the way to easier bedtime transitions at home.   We will be focusing on the number concept of three – counting to three, tapping three times, striking a drum three times and listening to words repeated three times.  By learning to understand the world through opposites, your child will learn the difference between smooth and bumpy by listening, singing, and playing instruments in smooth and bumpy ways, paving the way to learning musical terms and concepts such as legato and staccato.  In the Family Activity guide, you’ll also find suggestions for fun activities at home such as making ocean waves by putting a beach ball on a sheet while lifting the sheet’s edges and a game where your child identifies who lives and travels on water.


Take Home Materials: 15-page Family Activity Guide features songs, games, and activities from class, a beach ball for bath time, and a music CD which includes a full read along of the story about a penguin who makes bath time fun .


4-6 year olds


Giggles reaps the benefits of laughter and silliness with knock-knock jokes, echo songs, and movement games and dances. Traditional American folk music introduces unusual instruments and silly song lyrics. Fast and slow, or presto and largo, tempos are explored on the keyboard, with hands and bodies, and with other instruments and props. 

American folk instruments, such as the banjo, jaw harp, and spoons, are represented in the music throughout this unit. The concepts of fast and slow are experienced through song, keyboard exploration, and silly movement activities, such as dancing clocks. Children are encouraged to play presto and largo when keyboard is included in the lesson.


The Take Home Kit includes the 15-page Family Activity Guide which features songs, games, and activities from class, plus the music CD.


Under the Rainbow

Under the Rainbow explores the concepts of high and low through sound and movement.  The sweet sounds of Irish music are introduced in focused listening examples, instrument play-alongs, and a lively leprechaun jig. A glissando reinforces the concepts of high and low, and the glockenspiel is the perfect instrument for demonstration. High and low sounds are explored on a variety of other instruments including the piccolo, bassoon, trombone, and clarinet. Children will hear, sing, and see visual representations of high and low sounds. Children are introduced to the location of high and low notes when keyboard is included in the lesson.


The Take Home Kit includes the 15-page Family Activity Guide which features songs, games, and activities from class, plus the music CD and a harmonica.

To register for ABC Music & Me classes, please visit our ABC Music & Me page.   ABC Music & Me  is only open to members of the Ladies Ministry groups at the Church of the Apostles.


Making Kindermusik Affordable for All Families

We believe so firmly, so passionately in the Kindermusik program that we want *every* child in *every* family to be able to participate. This fall, Masterworks Studio is offering a Payment Plan to make this possible. There are four different options available.

  • Option A – Full Payment with Enrollment
  • Option B – $75 Deposit with Enrollment, Balance paid at first class
  • Option C – $75 Deposit with Enrollment, Balance split into two equal payments – first payment due by the first class, the balance paid by 10/10/07
  • Option D – $75 Deposit with Enrollment, Balance split into three equal payments – first payment due by first class, second and third payments due by 10/10/07 and 11/10/07

Mom and Baby

Enrollment is available for your convenience online through our website here.  We accept payment by all major credit cards, Paypal, Google Checkout, personal check, and, of course, cash.  (We like the green stuff!)  🙂

So, you see, this fall, there really and truly is something for everyone at Masterworks Studio!

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Last week in my Family Time class, during Gathering Time, we had a discussion about favorite read-alouds while enjoying the books in my basket.  One of my all-time favorite read-alouds for children is Ten in the Bed, illustrated by Penny Dale. 

 Ten in the Bed, illustrated by Penny Dale

There are other versions of this children’s classic; this one just happens to be the one that I prefer.  But the really neat thing is that there is also a children’s song that goes along with it.  You can easily sing the book rather than read it. 

Don’t know the tune?

Well, here’s a video of an adorable 4-year-old preschool class in Argentina singing and acting out the song that I found this morning as a result of checking my email.  A notice from an early childhood education group that I’m a member of prompted me to visit Youtube.com and “meet” a new member of our group who has posted videos there. 

The teacher of this class of 4 year olds is that new member and, as a result of the interaction of our online group, the music on the video is courtesy of Super Simple Songs of Japan, also a member.  You’ve seen their creativity here on my blog before.  So, get your child in your lap, turn up the sound, and enjoy this one together! 

Warning: You will probably have to see it more than once!  😉


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