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worried woman 

“I’d really like to enroll my child in your classes, but how can I afford it?”

“With gas prices so high, I don’t know how we’d pay for the classes!”

Sound familiar?

I know I’ve had similar thoughts in my head before when my own children were small.  I’ve even had similar thoughts recently!

As a mother of five children, I am very familiar with how tight finances can be.  Because I believe so passionately in Kindermusik and what it can provide for a child, Masterworks Studio now offers a Payment Plan for just about any budget.  Of course, full payment with enrollment is always gladly accepted!  🙂

Masterworks Payment Plan

For our Payment Plan, the following options are available:

  • Option A: $75 Deposit with Enrollment, Balance by the first class in August.
  • Option B: $75 Deposit with Enrollment; Balance split into two payments: 1st payment due by the first class in August and the second payment due by 9/16/08.
  • Option C: $75 Deposit with Enrollment: Balance split into three payments; 1st payment due by the first class in August; second and third payments due by 9/16/08 and 10/16/08.
  • Option D: $75 Deposit with Enrollment; Balance split into four payments: 1st payment due by the first class in August, second, third, and fourth payments due by 9/16/08, 10/16/08, and 11/16/08.

Regardless of which option  you choose, an initial $75 deposit for your child’s home materials is required, and the first installment is due by the date of your child’s first class in August. 

In some instances, due to later registration, this might result in the home materials deposit and the first installment being due and payable at the same time.  The earlier your registration is received, the further you can stretch your payments – even over five months – from July to November!

Wonder how that translates to real dollars?

For a child enrolled in any Village, Our Time, Imagine That, or Family Time class, the remaining cost of tuition after the $75 deposit is $155.  Split into two payments, that’s $77.50.  For three payments, it’s $51.67.  And spread out over four installments, it’s only $38.75 each time – less than $10 a week each month!

For Young Child students, due to hour-long classes, after subtracting the deposit, the remaining balance is $195 – resulting in two payments of $97.50, three payments of $65.00, or four payments of $48.75 – which is less than $12 a week each month for an hour-long lesson!

And, as always, siblings receive a 10% tuition discount (or more for additional siblings) which results in an even lower monthly figure for their tuition!

For questions about which plan will work best for your situation, do not hesitate to contact us at info at masterworks-studio.com or call 404.395.5247.  We are always happy to work with any family to make Kindermusik possible for their child.

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