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I love, love, love Boomwhackers.  If you haven’t ever heard of Boomwhackers, you are seriously deprived!  Think handchimes with colorful, tuned PVC pipe – perfect for rambunctious, eager children looking for something fun and musical to do.  I hope you enjoy the Christmas Boomwhackers.  I know I *did*!  🙂


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Enjoy!  😀

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A seemingly innocuous instrument in the hands of an artist can produce something that is truly magical.  James Hill performs Ave Maria by Franz Schubert on ukelele.


Thanks, Fran!

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Ever wondered if you could play the cello? 


Well, here’s your chance.  Click the cello pictured above and take this opportunity to play as soloist with the Berlin Philharmoniker Orchestra.  Those of you with video-game or mousing skills might actually have the upper hand in this contest, but I think a good ear helps tremendously too!

Btw, I earned 3809 points and a “bravo, bellisimo”! 😀

Be sure and enter your score below in the comments section!

Tip of the hat goes to Aimee Carter for sharing this!

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Our new semester begins in just two weeks!  Our Time classes will going places as we hop on a train, ride in the car, and board a plane in Away We Go

The instrument in this semester’s Home Materials is a set of two harmonicas, sized just right for your child’s hands.  And just to give you a taste of what’s possible with this small instrument, combined with a lot of practice and diligent effort, here’s Buddy Greene at Carnegie Hall in New York City, performing a “Classical Medley”.  A-mazing!


Enjoy! 🙂

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I’ve seen and heard a lot of amazing musicians in my time, but never something like this!

Meet Oystein Baadsvik.


And when you’re through being amazing by this one, get set for his “classical” side! 😀


Thanks, Molly, for the introduction!

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