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I am *SO* thankful for so many things this year –

for a loving husband of 34 years who fell in love with me 39 years ago and was willing to wait for me to graduate from high school and for him from college before we got married (we were friends before we were actually *interested* in each other),
for five beautiful, wonderful children and the extra-special blessing this year of a daughter-in-law who adores my son,
for an “adopted” daughter who has learned to believe in herself and also to say “I love you” and give terrific hugs,
for a sister who is a breast cancer survivor,
for a brother who is a cancer warrior just now,
for an aunt who is like no other, and we wouldn’t have her any other way (those of you who know Aunt Betty know what I mean),
for being able to stay in touch with my niece & nephew and my great-nieces through Facebook,
for renewed insurance eligibility for our daughter, Sara, (Thank You, LORD!)
for godly, loving friends who know all my faults (well, most of them) and love me anyway,
for a warm, loving, PRAYING body of believers who are willing and ready to stand in the gap for anyone in need of prayer,
for the awesome privilege of playing my flute for God’s glory each Sunday morning in the worship service at Zion,
for the joy of working with young children and their parents in my Kindermusik classes – it renews me each and every day to sing and dance with them,
for the blessing of sharing music with my piano students and instilling in them the belief that they are only limited by how self-disciplined or self-motivated they are or are not,
for the magic of teaching Simply Music to my beginning students and seeing the magic happen right before my eyes – who would ever have thought students could learn so easily and effortlessly?
for the blessing of music which weaves through my life every day from the time I get up until I lay my head down each night,
for my Lord Jesus Christ – Soli Deo Gloria!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my family and friends! May this day be filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!


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From an earlier era, Paul Petersen, from “The Donna Reed Show” of the 50’s and early 60’s, sings a song that  brings back memories of a much beloved dad. 


And as Paul Simon says, “There will never be a father love his daughter as much as I love you.”

To all dads everywhere,

Happy, Happy Father’s Day!


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Last weekend, I had the inexpressible joy of watching my oldest child, my son, Matthew, join in marriage with a beautiful, glowing young woman named Kati Lestmann who wasted no time in changing her name to Kati Williams on her Facebook page shortly after they left the church.  (The miracle of twitter and Blackberrys!) 😀

Even though I was only the “MOTG,” or Mother of the Groom, I found myself totally exhausted by Sunday and didn’t crawl out of bed until 12:35 PM!  Thank you all so much for your notes and emails of congratulations.  This has really been a wonderful time of celebration in our journey as parents. 

One word of caution to all of you parents with young children – be careful not to blink while watching your little ones.  The days may seem long, but the years will fly  by!  It doesn’t really seem that long ago that I was watching Matthew turn loose of the sofa and taking his first steps across our den at 11 months of age. 🙂

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David Crawford obviously knows what he’s singing about.  Enjoy and pass this one along to every daddy you know!


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